When God Has a Big Job

“When God has a big job to do, He often calls on a young person to do it. When He wanted to stop idolatry in Israel, he called for a young man named Gideon. When He wanted to silence a blaspheming giant, he called on a teenage boy named David. When He determined to bring His Son into the world, He came to a young virgin girl named Mary. “William Carey launched out for India before his thirtieth birthday. Amy Carmichael was rescuing children from temple prostitution in India before she was thirty years of age. God sent D. L. Moody to Cambridge to light a missions fire that produced the famous Cambridge Seven who did great exploits for God. Moody later called several hundred students to his Northfield conference grounds to pray for the evangelization of the world. From this meeting the Student Volunteer Movement was birthed that would see some 20,000 young people (many of them from Ivy League colleges) go to the ends of the earth with the gospel.

“As the Student Volunteer Movement began to wane, InterVarsity began to pick up steam here in the United States. In 1936, the Student Foreign Missions Fellowship was formed and it spread to Wheaton College. Its president was a young man named Jim Elliot. Elliot would never live to see his thirtieth birthday. He was martyred when he was 29 years old, along with four other valiant young missionaries as they attempted to get the gospel to the Aucas in Ecuador. When the news of their martyrdom hit Christian college campuses throughout America, thousands of young men and women volunteered to take their place.

God uses young people because the venom of unbelief has not poisoned their spiritual bloodstream. Since they don’t know what the perimeters are they just go do it, only to find out later that it was “impossible.” God found in Mary a young woman who would believe Him for something that had never happened before. It is that kind of faith God looks for in every generation. May God raise up young people who are not just high-tech but high faith; those who, like Mary, will say yes and believe.” [This last paragraph is new.]

– “Missing Pieces to the Missions Puzzle” by David Shibley in Christ For The Nations (April, 1999)