I’m spending the better part of today in one of Dallas-Fort Worth’s several theological libraries. Our Metroplex is blessed to have several great theological research centers including Dallas Seminary, Southwestern Baptist Seminary, and Dallas Baptist University. My primary purpose today will be writing, but I will also have all the resources I need at hand. Also, it’s just a good, quiet space. One wonders how many ministry visions have been spawned in seminary libraries. I’m expecting the Father to speak to me today.

When I was a young pastor fresh out of college the great evangelist, the late Dr. Angel Martinez, urged me to devote four hours daily (or twenty hours weekly) to being with God plus reading and study. I sorely wish I would have heeded his wise admonition.

No doubt all of us regret poor usage of time. However, I’ve never regretted one hour invested with God or one hour given to reading (provided the material was worthy and not frivolous). For those called to minister to others we need to always be sharpening our tools. I try to block out three to four days annually to spend a ten hour day in a seminary library, just reading, praying, thinking, and dreaming. I encourage every preacher reading this to do the same.

Remember the old adage: “The person who does not read is no better advantaged than the person who cannot read.”