Forty-Three Years Ago Today

Forty-three years ago today I married the most magnificent woman on the planet. Naomi has been my faithful, constant partner in life and ministry. From our union have come two wonderful sons and five adorable grandchildren. She has served by my side in pastorates in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas. We’ve said countless good-byes as I’ve gone around the world sharing Jesus and equipping His servants. Global Advance could not have been birthed without her unwavering support. Today Global Advance has a good name because for twenty-five years she has watched over the books, accounting for every dollar and helping steward resources for greatest ministry effect.

From the time I first noticed her in college (and, boy, did I notice!), Naomi has possessed a regal quality. Her work ethic is unexcelled. Her innate sense of style and order enhances my life every day. Through all of life’s ups and downs she is still gracious and kind to her core. Her outer beauty is exceeded only by her inner beauty.

I am not the “luckiest” man in the world. That would suggest that our love started with some chance encounter.  I am the most blessed man in the world. Our coming together was sovereignly ordained by a Master Designer. “He has done all things well” (Mark 7:37). May our love always bring honor to Jesus and advance His kingdom.