Uncap the Wells!

Too often today we have softened the gospel’s demands and replaced its glory with lesser agendas. The church in the West is frequently guilty of trading in a robust gospel for an anemic façade. We’ve capped the wells of living water with unbelief. Let’s get back to the gospel of Jesus Christ! When the gospel is preached we need to expect Jesus to show up in power. But when He shows up things can get uncomfortable, especially for those who “have a form of godliness but deny its power” (2 Timothy 3:4). As believers in Jesus, let’s open the tap and believe that living water can gush from us to thirsty seekers (John 7:38). We have plenty of biblical and historical precedent for expecting just that.

Frankly, I believe all Christians who are truly Spirit-filled are pre-set toward evangelism and missions. When the Holy Spirit descended on the Day of Pentecost Peter’s powerful evangelistic message resulted in thousands of converts. When believers prayed for boldness in Acts 4, God answered by filling them with the Holy Spirit so that they boldly proclaimed the good news.  Robert Coleman notes, “People full of the Holy Spirit are committed to God’s work. They want to be where laborers are needed most, and there is no more pressing need than bringing the gospel to hell-bound men and women.”

May God raise up mighty gospel proclaimers for this hour! And may you be one of them. We are in need of preachers who will “preach the gospel to you by the Holy Spirit sent down from heaven” (1 Peter 1:12). We need marketplace missionaries who will bring the glory of Jesus into businesses and turn them into bases for evangelism and discipleship. We need hybrid healing evangelists who are also brilliant apologists. We need anointed media evangelists who have Holy Spirit savvy to leverage social media to give the gospel the largest possible audience and impact. We need steady, Spirit-empowered witnesses for Christ in every arena of human interaction who will be salt and light in this decaying, dark culture. We need gospel-centric churches that are bright beacons of hope where Jesus and Jesus alone is the attraction. This is the hour for “the whole church to take the whole gospel to the whole world” (The Lausanne Covenant)!