Global Leadership Summit

Today and tomorrow, along with over a quarter million people at sites worldwide, I’ll be attending the Global Leadership Summit. This event is the brainchild of Bill Hybels, founding pastor of Willow Creek Community Church with multiple locations in the Chicago area. I’m grateful for the generosity of Lakepointe Church in Rockwall, Texas, for providing a scholarship for me. They offered it and I gladly accepted it. I’ll be hearing from some of the foremost leaders in church and business life. Friday afternoon I’ll leave with broader perspective, new insights, and sharpened tools for life and ministry.

I’ve only met Bill Hybels briefly. I spoke directly after him at a pastors conference some years ago. (Talk about pressure!) I’ve always appreciated his great heart to reach people for Christ and his commitment to lifetime growth and learning. I rank his book, Courageous Leadership, in the top five of books I’ve read on leadership.

The following is one of the strongest quotes I’ve read on the responsibility of any minister of the gospel to be “my utmost for His highest.” Note especially how Bill ties leadership development with evangelistic passion.

“Some of us church leaders live daily with the realization that the eternal destinies of people in our communities hang in the balance.  That’s why we are so determined to get our visions right and live out our values and come up with effective strategies.  We truly believe that it matters that we attain our goals.  It matters that we align our staffs and leverage our resources.  We believe that the success or failure of our churches directly affects people’s lives here today and for eternity.  We believe this to our depths.  We’d take bullets for it.” (Bill Hybels, Courageous Leadership)

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