His Right to Rule

Where did we get the idea that the lordship of Jesus Christ is an “available option” for those who call themselves Christians? This is the invention of some persuasive teachers but no such doctrine is found in the New Testament. In Jim Elliot’s personal journals written when he was only twenty-two he called such a notion a “twentieth century heresy.” This incisive young sage who would lay down his life for the gospel’s advance just a few years later insisted that the gospel “must be preached with the full apprehension of who He is, the demanding Lord as well as the delivering Savior.” Repentance and faith began our life with Jesus. They are to remain hallmarks of our walk with Him. Full repentance involves more than turning away from our sins. We repent, we turn away from running our own life, as well. When we come in repentance and faith to Christ He moves into the driver’s seat. From then on He chooses our course.

It’s the obvious response to Jesus – He is the Lord, I am His servant. Oswald Chambers, whose My Utmost for His Highest perennially remains in the top tier of daily devotionals, wrote, “When His life has been created in me by His Redemption, I instantly recognize His right to absolute authority over me.”

Salvation – it’s not just about cleansing. It’s also about control. Who’s in charge in your life?