Sweet to the Soul

I’ve been absent from Facebook the last couple of weeks for good reason. Last week I was on assignment, training, resourcing, and encouraging 175 ministry couples in the eastern European nation of Romania. Many of these pastoral leaders are aggressive church planters. Since the demise of the cruel Communist despot, Nicolae Ceausescu, on Christmas Day in 1989, many Romanian pastors have been aggressively planting new churches. My host, Pastor Cornel, has planted over 40 fellowships in the last 25 years. Also, several times I’ve mentioned my almost total absorption in two writing projects. I’m very thankful and happy to say that, as of today, both of those writing assignments are completed and will soon go to press.  So how does this make me feel? It’s very similar to the sensation of coming up for air after being submerged for a long time!

I’ll replenish my oxygen (literally and spiritually), then move into a very full Fall ministry season. All glory to God, this year three products have been developed that have been in my heart for years. First, a memorial CD of several of my dad’s radio messages was completed earlier this year. Second, I’ve completed the final book of a three book series on personal and ministry development designed for Majority World pastoral leaders. Third, I’ve just completed my most important book – a book about anchoring our lives in the gospel.

Proverbs 13:19 says, “A desire accomplished is sweet to the soul.”  My soul says, “Amen.”