Gospel Faithfulness

As we at Global Advance prepare for our International Summit and 25th Anniversary Dinner next week, I took time out to celebrate with my friend, Finny Matthews, and the 50th anniversary of Alpha International Ministry in northern India. It was an honor to be with two great preachers of the gospel. I honor Dr. Cherian Matthews, who courageously became a cross-cultural missionary half a century ago. He left a more Christian area of southern India to go to a region in north India where less that one half of one percent of the population profess faith in Christ. He and his family have stayed strong. As a result, there is now a vigorous church planting movement in that area and thousands have come to faith in Christ.

Also, it was a delight to see Will Graham again. The last time I saw him was in India, a few years ago. Will graciously consented to teach at Global Advance’s Frontline Shepherds Conference on the subject, “How to Give an Effective Evangelistic Invitation.” Who better than the son of Franklin and grandson of Billy Graham to speak on that topic!

Will Graham is now conducting Celebrations of Hope across America and the world. These evangelistic outreaches are drawing enthusiastic crowds and many are responding to Will’s clear gospel presentation.

It was an honor for me to stand along with a 50 year veteran missionary-evangelist in India, and a young evangelist who is following in the venerable steps of his peerless heritage of evangelism.