“if only one of the books i’ve written lives long beyond my lifetime i pray it will be this book.”- David Shibley

In today’s moral and theological fog many have lost sight of the gospel. Lesser agendas have taken center stage. In this confusing, fearful time you have been vouchsafed with the greatest Story ever told­—you have been entrusted with the gospel! This book is about anchoring your life in the gospel—prizing it, protecting it, proclaiming it, and living in its priceless privileges. It’s a call to put the gospel first—first in our loyalties, first in our preaching, first in how we view people, first in how we view life. This is a book whose time has come. Let its message bring fresh hope, joy, and passion for Jesus to your heart!


David Shibley is founder and world representative for Global Advance, a ministry that equips tens of thousands of leaders every year to be catalysts for fulfilling the Great Commission.


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